Employee/ Corporate Wellbeing:

Back2Life’s experienced Counsellors, who come from a variety of professional and therapy driven backgrounds, have an independent perspective how employees can affect an organisation’s performance.

Listening first hand to Management and employee issues, allows us to create a supportive, progressive and adaptive program, to drive new cognitive and communication processes that build a positive, performing organisational culture, that drives all stakeholders to feel part off the organisation, and therefore want to give their best and build engagement and profit.


  1. One2One Counselling: either at the place of work or through a private online forum.
  2. Departmental Group Therapy: whereby we work with an approved group size, in-house or at the centre, building relationships, tackling work related issues, and communication processes to build rapport, healthier processes in confidence.
  3. Health & Well Being Education: Enabling in-house staff whom have been approved to oversee, the ability to deal with immediate wellness issues, that don’t require further professional care.
  4. Other Wellbeing Services offered: HIV support, Absenteeism management, Substance abuse, Bereavement.

back2life wellbeing model, highlighting the important factors for employees wellbeing.