Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

Back2Life’s experienced Counsellors, who come from a variety of professional and therapy driven backgrounds, have an independent perspective how employees can affect an organisation’s performance.

Meeting with the client and listening to the issues at hand, allows us to then meet with employees and create a supportive, progressive and adaptive program, to drive new cognitive and communication processes that build a positive, performing organisational culture.


  1. One2One Counselling: either at the place of work or through a private online forum.
  2. Departmental Group Therapy: whereby we work with an approved group size, in-house or at the centre, building relationships, tackling work related issues, and communication processes to build rapport, healthier processes in confidence.
  3. Health & Well Being Education: Enabling in-house staff whom have been approved to oversee, the ability to deal with immediate wellness issues, that don’t require further professional care.
  4. Other Wellbeing Services offered: HIV support, Absenteeism management, Substance abuse, Bereavement.

back2life wellbeing model, highlighting the important factors for employees wellbeing.